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Whether you are replacing old windows, remodeling your home, or building a new house, you'll have lots of questions about the best way to solve your problems and fulfill your dreams. ACE Glass has the answers. But don't take our word for it. Instead, take it from the thousands of people just like you who have gone through the process you're going through now. For over 28 years, homeowners have turned to ACE Glass for answers. When you choose ACE Glass, you're not only getting superior products that perform, you're getting ultimate peace of mind. So take a closer look at our windows and doors selection and take comfort in your decision to choose ACE Glass. It's the one choice that is perfectly clear.

Whether you are replacing, remodeling or building, you want windows and patio doors that are energy efficient, have high-quality materials, allow multiple design choices and display long-term beauty and durability.


If you're thinking of replacement, your old windows are probably drafty and high maintenance, and they may not even stay open. At ACE Glass, your problems are solved beautifully, starting with a wide array of sizes including custom sizes to achieve the perfect fit. You'll enjoy instant comfort with virtually no maintenance, plus energy savings and long-lasting beauty.


Deciding to remodel the home you've been living in gives you a great opportunity to make it your own and capture your unique vision. The windows and patio doors you choose can play dramatic roles. Create a new view. Add stunning light. Transform your home's exterior appeal. Enhance your interior decor. And, of course, greatly improve your home's energy efficiency. ACE Glass gives you an array of choices to capture your vision, from colors to distinctive hardware and more.


Building a new home is your chance to do it your way, and make it last. It's one of the largest investments you'll ever make, and the quality of the windows you choose will greatly impact the quality and energy efficiency of your home. For homeowners wanting beauty, performance and value, ACE Glass offers the best of all possible worlds. Choose your interior and exterior colors, styles and accessories from the impressive array ACE offers. Then sit back and enjoy for years to come.

Andersen Window Photo Gallery


Andersen 100 series windows and patio doors are made with their patented, revolutionary Fibrex composite material, which allows the ability to offer uncommon values that others can't. It's environmentally responsible and energy efficient and it comes in durable, deep, rich colors you can't get with vinyl. Durable Andersen 100 Series products come with factory-finished interiors and exteriors that never need painting and won't fade, flake, blister, chalk or peel.

Revolutionary exclusive Fibrex material

Fibrex material is more than just environmentally responsible. It's also durable and beautiful. Here's what makes Fibrex material so revolutionary:

Fibrex is twice as strong as vinyl, so weathertight seals stay weathertight.The unique fabrication process blends the color with the Fibrex material for long-lasting beauty.It blocks thermal transfer nearly 700 times better than aluminum to help reduce heating and cooling bills.For exceptional durability, Fibrex material retains its stability and rigidity in all climatesColors include Dark Bronze, Cocoa Bean, Teratone, Sandstone and White.


The 200 Series product line concentrates on the most popular sizes and options, delivering on our promise to provide renowned Andersen quality at and uncommon value.

200 Series solid wood sash comes standard covered inside and out by low-maintenance Perma-shield cladding to protect inside and out.Exterior colors include White and SandstoneInterior wood finishes include pine wood and factory finished white.Grille options include Finelight (grilles-between-the glass), removable Interior grilles and Simulated Divided Lights in limited modelsGlass options include Low-E and Low-E Sun.Sizes available in our most popular with our most requested options


The Andersen 400 series product line delivers superior craftsmanship and top performance. These windows and doors feature the widest range of sizes, styles and accessories.

400 Series solid wood sash comes standard covered inside and out by low-maintenance Perma-shield cladding to protect inside and out.Exterior colors include White, Sandstone, Terratone and Forrest GreenInterior wood finishes include pine wood and factory finished white as well as maple and oak in some modelsGrilles include Full divided lights, Simulated divided lights, Finelight (grilles-between-the glass) and/or removable Interior grillesGlass options include Low-E4, Low-E4 Sun and Low-E4 SunsmartSizes are available in our most popular with our most requested options as well as a couple custom limited maximum heights and widths.


Leave it up to the leader like Andersen to innovate a window and door system that makes it easier than ever to achieve practically and style you want. The secret is an exclusive system of integrated options, all designed and selected to work together seamlessly while letting you customize your windows literally thousands of ways. The system gives you complete flexibility to choose your options with confidence and achieve window and door styles that will look and perform perfectly.


This is the window and door system from Andersen that makes architectural style easy to achieve.

A-Series solid wood sash comes standard with an extruded Fibrex cladded exterior. Exterior options include 11 different colors. You can mix and match design on the sash, frame and trim to achieve hundreds of options. Interior options include natural pine, oak or maple with six different factory stains, two paint choices or a primed factory finish to complement any look. Grilles include Full divided lights, Simulated divided lights, Finelight (grilles-between-the glass) and/or removable Interior grilles. Glass options including Low-E4, Low-E4 Sun and Low-E4 SunsmartSizes are available. These are our most popular and most requested options as well as a couple custom limited maximum heights and widths.


The Architectural windows and doors are custom-crafted in dramatic sizes and shapes to complement our 200 and 400 Series product lines.

This product line offers the largest selection of exterior colors (21 standard options). See showroom for available color options. Custom colors available as well.This product line offers the largest selection of interior wood options (alder, cherry, douglas fir, mahogany, maple, oak pine) as well as the factory-finished white. Architectural windows and doors offer the most options in shapes, sizes and operable movements.

Come to the ACE Glass showroom and let our professionals answer all your questions while they show you all the various options and details for your replacement, remodel or new building needs.

 ACE Glass Carries Eagle Windows Doors, An Andersen Windows Company.

Products Overview

Our complete selection of window and door styles are your building blocks for making any architectural statement. Whether residential or commercial, and from traditional to contemporary, Eagle gives you the products and the design freedom you need to create the perfect look for the project.

Eagle Window & Door, an Andersen Company, manufactures a complete line of high quality aluminum-clad windows and doors. Eagle focuses exclusively on high-end residential (new and remodel) and commercial construction. Eagle customers have the opportunity to create projects using 50 Eagle Complimentary ColorsTM at no additional cost, 9 wood species and 11 interior finishes - plus divided lights, between-glass blinds and shades, trim and finishing details and beautiful glass selections. The design flexibility is amazing! Eagle has been handcrafting premium windows and doors for over thirty years. 

Unlimited Exteriors

Color enhances your design, and we believe it shouldn't have to cost more. Start with one of our 50 Eagle Complimentary ColorsTM, a carefully selected modern palette available at no additional cost. Our extensive color offering far exceeds anything in the industry today. Add to that our complimentary 2-, 3- and 4-tone exteriors, and Eagle sets your windows and doors apart from the rest.

If your inspiration comes from an autumn leaf, a river-washed stone, a glass of fine wine, or even a classic corvette, Eagle will bring it to life with our custom color capabilities. And for a look of distinction, we offer seven spectacular anodized finishes that truly shine.

Unlimited Interiors

Natural wood adds character to your design. Eagle wood selections allow you to choose from pine or fir at no additional charge. For infinite possibilities, we offer seven additional distinctive wood varieties and will source virtually any other wood species your design demands.

All of our wood selections can be finished to perfection in one of eight interior stains, two base coat colors or clear polyurethane. And with our stain-matching capabilities, you can trust us to customize a finish to meet your design needs.

Unlimited Combinations

Each Eagle window and door is made-to-order to your exact design specifications. Countless geometric shapes in virtually any structurally sound size and combination can transform your inspiration into reality. The Eagle team is dedicated to producing premium, made-to-order windows and doors with architectural distinction and lasting beauty.

Unlimited Views

Whether your design demands performance, clarity or architectural detail, Eagle has the glass and divided light solutions to make your views spectacular. For performance needs in a variety of environments, Eagle offers a multitude of glass options, including our High-PerformanceTM Low-E4glass and our exclusive HarborMaster systems for severe weather conditions.

And for visual impact, made-to-order decorative glass and divided lights give you infinite possibilities, so your design will be as original as your inspiration.

What could be more convenient than blinds or shades between the panes of glass? Minimal cleaning and no worry about damage. It's simply a fitting way to put privacy at your fingertips. Eagle's blinds and shades offer the ultimate in performance and practicality for both residential and commercial applications.

 O'Hair Shutters, LTD Can Be Purchased From ACE Glass Construction Corporation.

O'Hair hardwood shutters and venetians are made in America from genuine American timber, responsibly forested and manufactured following environmentally responsible methods. They represent the ultimate in design, constructed with the ideal blend of computer controlled precision and traditional joinery. They offer the ultimate in beauty, reliability and privacy, and our interior shutters are warranted for the life of the home, not just the homeowner.

 Weather Barr Windows & Doors Can Be Purchased From ACE Glass Construction Corporation.
 Weather Barr Has 75 Years Of Experience In The Energy Efficiency Business.




75 Years in the Energy Efficiency Business

Founded in 1934, the Harry G. Barr Co. is a family owned and operated business which supplies a six state region. They manufacture, supply, and service high quality vinyl window and door products to the homebuilding and remodeling industry with emphasis being placed on value and fair pricing. Because they manufacture several complete lines of vinyl windows and doors, and have over 75 years of experience, we are positive that we can fill your every need. Standard sizes, special sizes or custom shapes are no problem and we offer many glass and grid options too numerous to list. We invite you to browse our site and see what we can offer.

Check out our picture gallery of jobs that showcase various Weather Barr windows.

Featuring ColorGard ESC exterior color options!

Only available from WeatherBarr Windows and Doors...

When it comes to exterior colors for your windows... we have a lot to offer! Don't limit yourself to just 2 color options. Weather-Barr Windows & Doors has 12 exterior colors to choose from. Visit ACE Glass to choose the one that is sure to compliment your home.

 ColorGard ESC Is A Great Way To Avoid Boring Window Colors.

ColorGard ESC is our innovative answer to boring window colors. The reactive polymer coating doesn't just cover the surface; it forms a molecular bond with the window frame - creating an extremely durable finish. For more information, including technical specifications, please consult ACE Glass and check out some of the various color options on the link below.