By far, our greatest asset is the group of wonderful people who make up the ACE Glass family.  The years of service represented here are not only a testament to the level of experience that we offer to our customers, but they serve as a constant reminder to us of the importance of treating others the way that we would like to be treated.

Honor Roll

25 Years of Service

Newton Little

Linda Little

Rob Young

Blake Riegler

Johnny Aaron


Honor Roll

20 Years of Service

Connie Ashcraft


Honor Roll

15 Years of Service

Paul Brown II

Nita Evans

Rosendo Ramirez

Sergio Ramirez

Gerardo Rodriguez

Ben Gunn

Jeff Ehlers


Honor Roll

10 Years of Service

Pedro Huerta

Isaac Ramirez

Santos Berumen

Aileah Righter

James Stout

Mitchell Turner

Isidro Hernandez

Nick Gordon


Honor Roll

5 Years of Service

Angelo Scott

Alfonso Mendez

Jose Lopez

Victor Gurrola

Mario Miller

Duane Rielly

Aldo DelMazo

Brian Hall

Mack White

Courtney Little

Roberto Vasquez

Dwayne Allen

Jim Womble

Rhonda Butcher

Filemon Flores

Bill May, Jr.

Kirk Love

Brian Morse

Carsten Platz