When Should I Replace My Windows? 13 Questions to Answer

Replacing your windows is an easy, painless process with our ACE Glass professionals; however, many people are unsure when their windows need to be replaced.  No need to fret Arkansas friends, ACE is here to help with your glass needs again.

We are sharing this blog from the Andersen Windows & Doors website.  ACE Glass is the premier Circle of Excellence provider in Arkansas for Andersen, we have worked with this product many times and stand by its reputation as quality glass.

Here's an excerpt from the blog "When Should I Replace My Windows?"  

Knowing when to replace your home’s windows isn’t always as clear as it may seem. If your home is older than 15 years, it’s probably a good time to check and make sure your windows are still operating correctly. For instance, do you have trouble opening or closing your windows? Do you consistently find moisture on your windows’ interior? Just like your washing machine, refrigerator, or roof shingles, over time, your windows and doors need to be replaced. To help you through the replacement process, Andersen provides the following tips and solutions to help determine if the time to replace — and upgrade — is now.
— Andersen Windows & Doors

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